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Hearing the howl

It is time for Grey Wolf NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) week two.  This year all four weeks have ten patrols.  The team building for staff begins in January at monthly staff developments through April, preparing camp during work weekend and then pre-course right before we head up the hill to course.  Working with the dedicated youth and adults is always a pleasure.  Here are a few photos from last year.  We were very fortunate to have good weather and fingers are crossed for this year!
Down the hill during pre-course mama turtle lays her eggs.  We mark the spot in the hopes the eggs will not be disturbed.  

After the opening campfire the staff and participants head to cracker barrel.

The syllabi

Gery is our mascot
On the fibery side of life the Jacob fleece is spinning up nicely and I finished a vest for the shop.  The Rowan Cotton Lustre is beautiful knitting yarn.  It has lovely drape, color and is so soft.

Sample spinning 

I call all of this eye surgery spinning

Suitopi is a simple classic by Sarah Hatton for Rowan


Joanne said...

Love your Jacob ideas and the vest!

Deborah said...

Thank you, Joanne!