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  1. a range of gray shades from white to black, as used in a monochrome display or printout.

I finished carding the rest of the fleece and it turned out exactly as I planned.  It is so pretty and the colors remind me of a box of Conté crayons.

Sample spinning of each color

I altered the photo of the batts.  I am very happy with the gray scale range.

Each step of the process from fleece to yarn is fun.  
On Sunday the bubble in my eye disappeared.  It did its job to keep the retina in place, I have my vision back and other than a future adjustment in the prescription of my glasses. I have had a rough couple of days with some pain  that feels like sandpaper in my eye, but right now it is not as irritated and feels better.  I made an appointment yesterday to make sure everything was okay and the doctor said everything looked good even though it did not feel like it!  

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Joanne said...

Sooo, pretty! I love the batts and how you separated the colors. I am excited to see what you will create with your yarn.