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I am working on finishing the Little Black Vest.  Mine is LUV (Little Umber Vest).  I decided to press the fabric as Sally suggested and it worked beautifully!  I do not think it would be appropriate for all types of yarn, but for the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted--it worked great.  Press is the key word.  No moving the iron over the knitted fabric!  I pinned the project to size and steam pressed.  After it cooled I sewed the left side and shoulder to the back, picked up 87 stitches for the armhole and worked the trim.  Also, the bottom part below the zipper is finished and I pinned the zipper just to see how it looks.  I still do not have buttons picked out and may check the button stash first.  The reindeer buttons from Shetland would be nice, but I want to save those for something different.

The front edge below the zipper is finished.

A two-row purl ridge is a simple and clean edging for the armhole.


Joanne said...

Beautiful!! You are such a good knitter.

Deborah said...

Thank you Joanne!

Margie said...

Absolutely gorgeous Deborah, hope you and Jim are well, big hugs, Love Margie ❤️