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Finished Objects!

When I got back from Philmont a couple of projects were waiting for me.  The Goblin Hat is a quick knit and I used stash (the natural color) from a previous project and a skein of Liberty Wool.  The hat can be worn with the button in back or on the side.  The folded fabric gives the appearance of "ears" when the button is in the back.  I rubbed the unfinished button with beeswax and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the wax and buffed it with a soft cloth.

Goblin Hat

The perfect button gives the hat personality.
The Little Black Vest was on the chair waiting for me to add the zippers.  I went back and forth between brown 7-inch and black 5-inch.  Once I found black ones with brass I settled with them.  The umber is close enough to black and looks good.  The dark green tagua nut buttons blend in beautifully.  Sally Melville's design is a winner and it was a pleasure to knit.  I can't wait to wear it when the weather cools down.

Little Black Vest--I call mine LUV (Little Umber Vest)

I am continuing to work on Greta for the shop.  Rowan's Finest yarn is soft and wonderful to work with and the design is a classic.  The second sleeve is just about finished and when it is done I can begin the body--autobahn knitting!

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