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A little more Shetland and Grey Wolf

Before I left for Grey Wolf NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) I intended to post more photos from Shetland.

We returned from camp on Saturday (June 28).  It never ceases to amaze me when I see the youth staff develop over a five-month period during developments, and then work with the participants to put on the best program possible.  There were 72 participants that came into the week and 72 graduated!  This was the first opportunity Jim and I had to serve together on staff after 8 years of Grey Wolf.  He is a good leader and mentor for the staff and participants.  Even though I have been with the program for some time, it was an honor and pleasure to be on the same course with my husband.  Ben was on Week 1 and we were able to see him a few times.  It does not seem so long ago we dropped him off for leadership training!

Mr. C. watching the action.

Gery Grey Wolf our mascot looking sharp with his uniform.

Mr. C. living it intensely (note the bracelet--it says "live it intensely," referring to the Scout Oath and Law.  This happened during the ballista event.  

I finished the replacement Urchin.  It is not hand spun, but will be a nice hat.  I feel badly about losing my hat, but it is in a lovely place--Shetland!  Perhaps one of the local critters will find it and wear it at a jaunty angle.  The ends of the project bag are woven in, the lace is finished, and the handle is about halfway finished.  Washing, blocking, and then sewing up are next.  I will make a lining for the bag and sew a facing on the handle for stability.  It would be nice to incorporate the little button that Jane gave to each of us, or make a Dorset button closure.  Next up is the Little Black Vest, which turned into a KAL (knit along).  I decided to go with the triangle design instead of the tumbling blocks for the texture stitching.  I cast on for the Greta, by Rowan.  I am thankful it is a shop sample and not for a class because of the fine yarn and small needle size it will take some time to make.  Shwook is my personal project.  I love knitting color work and I think about Shetland as I knit.

Going through the UFOs I was surprised I did not have as many as I thought, which is good.  Summer is flying by and it would be nice to finish up projects for me and for gifts.  Lots of little ones to knit for this year!

Spinning up a storm with the drop spindles with focus on Iceland and Shetland.  I have to come up with something for Spin-Off and maybe even Knitty!

Speaking of Shetland...

Elizabeth spinning some fine Shetland wool. 

Her lovely little Shetland spinning wheel.

The Shetland Designer was bursting with colorful knitwear.  The color ways shown here are the ones from which the volunteers at the Shetland Museum and Archives chose for their uniform vests.  The vest at the top left is one of the vests the volunteers wear.  

Neila's studio has a lovely view and her innovative designs were such fun to try on.
My favorite piece is Toog.

The flowers and colorfully painted spinning wheels add charm to the shop exterior.

Textile Museum 

Hazel Tindall was a pleasure to meet.  She was knitting away on this beautiful sweater.  Watching her work is a wonder!  Her quick, efficient movements create magic.

The photo before the loss of my beloved hat.  Taking a walk on a beautiful day in a beautiful place was worth the loss.  The wind was blowing and the air smelled so sweet.  Wildflowers abloom and the waves splashing on the rocks...I was in heaven!

Halfway through the project, Jane taught us how to make Dorset buttons.  

A little friend joined my on my walk around Lerwick.   I believe the colors of the cat, pavement, and wall might work as a nice colorway...mmmm...

I bought the pattern and some yarn to make the Eid top (in front) designed by
Hazel Tindall for Wool Week 2011.  I will post photos of my color choices soon!

This treasure was at the Shetland Museum.  How sharp the Boy Scouts look in their uniforms!

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