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I finished the Spaghetti Scrap Scarf over the weekend.  It was a fun project with a little challenge to finish.  I tried a few ways of  connecting the I-cords in spots, but settled on the simple route--to secure the cords with felt rectangles and finish off the ends with felt.  I had visions of contrasting color thread, but when I opened the sewing machine and saw the black thread, it was a better choice.  I like the way this came out and want to do another one.  Each one of the cords is approximately 50-inches long.  I used worsted weight yarns and cast on six stitches for each cord.  The cords are not bad to deal with.  I thought they would be more like octopus arms and going all over the place, but the little scarf looks quite nice.  The next one will have longer cords.
Working three cords at once--I have plenty of double-point needles!

My first idea...

The second idea...

The final result

Surprisingly the octopus arms stay put!

I see variations on a theme in the future.

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