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We had a lovely Christmas this year.  It was a treat to have Ben stay overnight.  We went to the candlelight service and through the windows the snow was falling, which added to the beautiful service.
Sock Monkey keeps watch over the gifts from my chair.
Each ornament holds a memory. 
This is what I plan to do more of in 2014! 
The ever-watchful collie tends the sheep.
The Boy Scout part of the tree has critters, a canoe, and a tepee
among other things. 
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The town has a new building--a tent!
Ben, Zach, and Scott take a break in the tree outside the wall tent.
Jim is busy fixing a wheel. 
I'm busy spinning between batches of cookies baking.
Humpty Dumpty has some company this year.

The larger candle holders were on the mantle of my Grandma's home.  I found the
miniature versions at an antique shop in Anoka last year.

A doily makes a lovely tree skirt for the mini tree.  The angel is Angel Baby and was my sister's
and then my Mom's.  She was in a basket by Mom's bed and every year she would grace the top Mom's tree.

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Margie said...

Such beautiful ornaments Deborah, your description if the choral service and the snow is idyllic and your ornaments each having their own story is priceless, happy new year, big hugs, Margie ❤️