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I have the Valentine's Mitts finished and now that they are blocked the result is perfect.  The Marion Foale 3-Ply yarn has a nice hand and the color selection is wonderful.  The mitts are pinkish brown called Donkey, which I think is funny.  The color reminds me of the faded tissue from an antique valentine.  The mitts were easy to make, as the design was just knits, purls, and repeating the chart four times.  The thumb gusset has two plain rows between the increase rows.  They have a good fit--snug to the hand and thumb without being too tight.  This will be a class in January and February 2014.

I got a new pair of Sock Monkey pajamas this year.  Sock Monkeys playing with yarn and knitting.  How fun is that?

Speaking of all things woolly...Jim took me out for Black Sheep pizza in St. Paul on Friday afternoon.  The pies are coal fired and really good.  The crust is thin and crunchy.  Mine was the meatball, ricotta, and garlic.  I had to purchase a t-shirt, of course, and the waiter put the shirt in a small pizza box.  I love the doodled sheep logo.

Hot pizza pie on a cold day--yum!


Kathy said...

Black Sheep is good, but gotta say...Punch Pizza is still the best. There are times I crave it so! I never even have to look at the menu: small Punch salad and Palermo pizza please, with a glass of the house red.

Try and compare!

Margie said...

Beautiful yarn and gorgeous mitts, I love the name donkey as it conjures up Christmas time for me, as a child there was always a donkey in the crib at the church, I also love the idea that your purchased shirt went in a pizza box, the logo is funny, big hugs, Margie ❤️

Joanne said...

Yum! Those Pj's are great! I found some for me too. I like those felted clogs on your feet. Did you make them too?

Deborah said...

I got the clogs at REI. I wore my knit/felt clogs out. So glad ypu found the pj's.