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Let it snow...

...might as well snow.  The winters we have experienced over the last two years are what I expected when we moved here in 1999.  We got about 5-inches through the night and this morning.  Right now it is sunny and 17-degrees, which is much warmer than it has been lately!

Currently I am working on Dacite, designed by Carol Feller.  I tried on the trunk show sample at the shop and fell in love with the simple design and lovely fit of the cardigan.  The sample was worked in Soft Donegal Tweed--in moss green--LOVE!  The sample for the shop is in HiKoo Kenzie, colorway, Pavlova.  The color happens to be the color of the iconic Tooth of Time peak at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  It is an igneous intrusion of dacite porphyry.  I hope we climb it on our trek this summer!

That aside, the sweater is coming along nicely.  The garter stitch collar has short rows in the back.  The fronts are garter stitch and raglan sleeves and back are stockinette stitch.  I am just about finished with the raglan increases and will work the body soon.  The built-in I-cord on the front edges is a nice finish.
Dacite collar and raglan shaping.

Some handspun Shetland plied with the rest of my silk noil thread from Wollenworks.

I had some silk noil thread left from  Woolenworks (where I learned to spin).  I spun the single on my Moosie, Bullwinkle, and then plied it with the thread ending up with 1.2 ounces/72 yards of sport weight yarn.  Not a lot, but maybe I can add it to something else.  

Chocolate Cake
On Tuesday evening we had a meeting for Grey Wolf.  Ben was waiting for us and we took a quick trip to Mort's Delicatessen for supper.  I had the toasted cheese with chips (crisps) and Jim ordered me a piece of the chocolate cake to take home.  I called it six layers of chocolate awesome and it took a couple of days to finish.  This morning I confess it was my breakfast and it was delicious!


The first two photos are of the blowing snow early in the week.  (I was stopped and not driving when I took the photos!)  The sunset was just beautiful on the way to our meeting.  

We had more snow overnight and this morning.  The sun was trying hard to shine through the clouds.

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