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Pumpkin for September and Drive a Tank

I just finished this little hat today.  There was leftover yarn from the Christmas Sock shop sample, so I made a white pumpkin hat.

Yesterday Ben and I went to Drive a Tank in Kasota.  It was fun and quite a different experience!  Part of the package was target shooting, which I have not done for years.  Firearms are not my cup of tea and I have a healthy fear of them.  We used a historic rapid-fire gun from Belgium that was in a WWII battle.  It worked well for being over 70 years old!  

Off to our adventure.

Lots of dust!  The driver is in the front getting some help from an employee.  The driver's passengers are standing up in back for a wild ride.
The Humvee.  I remember when these came out when we lived in Bad Windsheim.

Ben sits on the strap and holds on in the turret.

APC, armored personnel carrier, and our ride.  

My view from inside.  The turret spins around.  We sat all the way in the back.  It was important because it fishtails on the rough terrain.  I held on with two hands!

Close quarters!

The driver is in red and the guide in camo.

The driver of "Larry," a retired Marine got to crush a car for his 70th birthday.
His son is the passenger.  

A straight shot and that car was toast!

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At the range, this 1919 machine gun was very loud!

I have my target and my eyes and ears on before my turn to shoot.

Ben and I pose with "Larry."

More tanks in the shop area.

Learning history in the training session and riding in the vehicles, I thought about my father, a tanker in WWII in the South Pacific, my father-in-law, a railroader in Europe, and all those that have bravely served and are currently bravely serving our country.  Thank you all.  

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