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Tangled again

The second time is a charm--I hope!  I am finally working on my vest again.  I called it Tangled because of the yarn-winding nightmare.  The steeks are holding as I picked up stitches for the front band.  Naturally I have to tink back a row, as the white stitches are offset.  I was watching the news this morning while knitting.  The tension is good and I'm carrying the white yarn in back to give the band the same look as the body of the sweater.
The red zig-zag stitching is how I reinforced the steeks. 

The front band in progress.  I have to take out the last row of stitches because the white stitches do not line up.  On closer inspection of the photo I see where I have double blue stitches.  

The never-ending Pine Bough Cowl is getting longer.  If this project was just for me I would make it long enough for a smaller cowl.  This behemoth is supposed to be 72-inches long!  The yarn is soft and has a nice hand, so the repetitive knitting is okay.  I will be happy to do some texture work after this project.
Fiddly to work, but the finished project will be gorgeous!

Jim and I went to the State Fair on Labor Day.  The weather was perfect, we ate our favorite foods, enjoyed the displays and walked about six miles!  It was the last day of the fair, so there were some bargains and good freebies.  Kemps had samples of three new flavors of ice cream--yum!  The Minne-apple dumpling with caramel was my favorite.
This must have been fun to paint.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together's mascot

Oddly cute squirrels in Heritage Village.  They look like the little stinkers in my yard.
It is fun to watch the little critters this time of year as they get ready for winter.

There are many wood sculptures around the grounds  I like this one.

I saw this TV and thought it would be a great frame.

Smokey Bear at the Minnesota DNR (Department of Natural Resources)!

My favorite shop in the International Bazaar, Global Mamas.
Last year I bought an Eli dress that I just love.  


Joanne said...

Once again, you have outdone yourself with your knitting projects, they are beautiful.
The state fair, what fun! I like that it is cool enough to wear a jacket to your state fair!!!! :) Did you purchase anything from the Global Mama's shop?

Jennifer said...

Ha! I love the canoeing squirrels. Too funny. Looks like you had a great time.