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The past couple of days we have had temperature ups and downs!  I believe today will be warmer side.
From the movie character
A favorite painting by
Edgar Degas
Yesterday I was happy to have Kathryn back in class.  She is so sweet and chose a wonderful cabled pattern out of "A Fine Fleece" to knit.  It is on page 114.  Kathy and I put together the Ashford Traditional wheel, which we started before class and finished up after class.  It is a lovely wheel.  In the meantime, a call came in from Louet.  My second wheel is on its way.  Yes, I said second.  The first one was apparently delivered to Kathy's prior address (she has not lived there for well over a year) and mysteriously disappeared.  Crikey!  Anyway, it should arrive early next week.  I am anxious because I would like to get out and spin.
Amelie Hortense
Speaking of spinning, I scored a book I never would have paid full price for--"Intertwined," by Lexi Boeger.  Some of the yarns are strictly art, but it is a good book for inspiration.  At a third of the bookstore price, it will be a nice addition to the fiber-brary.
Aranmor is at a slow point.  There is a lot going on (and that is news?) and I have a bit of stress, which zeroed into my lower back since Tuesday.  I started the other side and will decide which side I want to use for the back and which side I want to use for the front.
09.03.11  Snow day!  Last night I had a fun spindling class.  One student is a weaver, and the other a true fiber-lover.  Her young son is learning how to do wood turning, so she is hoping to have some lovely fiber tools, soon.
Happy birthday, Mom!
Mom had a fun 95th birthday yesterday.  We called my brother in Texas, we went out to lunch, and then had a little party back at her place.  I got a big cake, those of us that made Mardi Gras masks last week wore them, and after our snack we played a rousing game of Mardi Gras Hangman.
10.03.11  As you can see, there is a new addition at my house--Amelie Hortense arrived while I was teaching yesterday afternoon.  She weighs in at a little over 7.5 pounds and is 23-inches tall.  Louie and Wendolene are pleased with their little sister.  She came with her carry-bag/backpack and is just a delightful little spinner.  A half pound of Coopworth roving came with her, also.  I have almost a full bobbin already.
Little Amelie already has a bobbin full of Coopworth
Louie and Wendolene welcome their little sister.
She is very petite.
It's melting!
That is WATER!  You can hear the water dripping,
and the birds are singing!

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