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One small step

We went to the Mall of America early Saturday morning for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for Boston Scientific.  It was a festive atmosphere with all the groups in their unique t-shirts.  We even got necklaces from Joe, one of the Gold Guys.
A trip to MOA is not complete without going to REI.  There were lots of sales and I lucked out in the shoe department.  I scored a pair of Moon Boots!  I had a pair way back when we lived in Germany the first time.  Very fun style and nice and warm.  I have a very stylish collection of winter wear for my feet!
I have not been knitting as much on my current projects, as I am looking for class projects.   Entrelac and lace are popular techniques students want to learn.  They are not my favorite techniques, although I may be able to (finally) finish the Kilimanjaro.  A nice lace pattern with a natural scalloped edge is Old Shale (Feather and Fan).  It is easy to knit and has great visual impact.  Karen loaned a pattern to me for a felted entrelac bowl.  I like the bowl better than a felted bag.  Another project I am considering is Quant.  It is from Knitty and finished projects were featured recently in Spin-Off Magazine.  A headband is a good choice for our transition into spring.  
Spinning classes are on the calendar.  Louie, Wendolene, and I are waiting for the arrival of the little S95.  This afternoon I will prep some fiber for my spinning classes.  I carded gray and some pink together, but it needs a little color boost.  
Looking ahead to March, the calendar is full!  Ben will be home for spring break and I will receive my Wood Badge beads.  Jim is going to the Scout Office to have his photo taken.  He's been going through photos for his presentation (his Scouting history).


Joanne said...

Wow! Love your boots and the SNOW!
The entrelace headband sounds great, as does the bowl. Will be watching to see which one you pick.

Margie said...

Fab boots Deborah, Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Happy March to you and yours. big hugs, Margie.

nornspinner said...

Thanks for your note on my blog. I have gotten so busy at work that I have lagged on posting. oh well. I've also been thinking about doing that Quant pattern - it looks really interesting. I'll be sure to check later and see if you've made one. Where do you teach spinning? I've done a little of that - I've taught at the winter session of the college where I teach, and it is fun!