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Snow--The Sequel

Eevee cuddles with her babies
Here we go again!  I just shoveled the deck.  It seems like we have close to what we got in December.  We may end up with the snowiest February on record.  We were very happy to catch our flight from Midway Airport in Chicago to Minneapolis.  We were delayed about 35 minutes, but took off and landed in Minne-SNOW-ta.  The roads were terrible, but we got home okay.
Backyard moonscape
Neighborhood activity
The midwest really got clobbered!
Eevee prints
Gorgeous day during the development weekend
Nothing like a warm "campfire" on the development weekend...
22.02.11  The sky was clear and the temperature was in the 20s, so I took Mom out.  She was so happy to see all the snow and breathe in the fresh air.  When we got back to her place, we got in on the last part of the songfest.  I stayed and sang, too.  It was great fun and then they were getting ready for their coffee.
I stopped in at the shop where I worked and visited with Cheryl and Paula.  It was so nice to see them.  I found a couple of skeins of sock yarn--yes, I said sock yarn--and a Berroco pamphlet.  It was good to see them and I will have to make a point to visit on a Monday and see my former students from the morning class.  They are still going strong.
Work on the Aranmor is coming along, and I am almost finished with the back.  That way I can decide how long I want it.  It looks to be the same length as the photo, although I believe it may be a bit wider in the body, which is just fine.  It will not be as oversized as St. Brigid.
24.02.11  Well, I would post photographs of the snow and the knitting, but not today--at least until I get the wireless connected again.  Grrr...it makes the bear in me come out.
Lovely texture
The bottom border looks like winter trees
Exciting news--my little S95 is on its way by post and the Ashford WILD Drumcarder is in my hot little hands.  I carded some pink and gray wool together.  (More gray than pink!)  It is easy to use and I am anxious to blend some more fibery goodies together. 
Great news tonight at class...students brought in some of their finished objects.  Janel took some photos for the blog.  Baby wheel did not arrive yet--we may have to induce labor!  ;)

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Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous!