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Settling into February finds me teaching knitting and looking forward to a new addition to my spinning family--a Louet S95 Victoria!  Louie and Wendolene will have a sibling soon!  At only around 6 to 8 pounds, it will be so nice to take along when I teach and travel.  I want the carry bag, also, which can be worn as a backpack.  I'm thinking during really nice weather, I can have a little companion to keep me company when I camp.  The first two Ashford wheels arrived the other day.  I readied the Joy to display yesterday.  It is a very nice wheel and I think of my spinning group in Texas, the Texas Twisters, when I see it.  My drum carder did not arrive, yet.  I am anxious to card some of my fibers for spinning.  I may card together some wool and cotton.  I have lots of cotton.
The day class for color and cables went well yesterday.  I have my evening class tonight.  I have not spent much time knitting, as my winter camping adventure is fast approaching and my staff development weekend is the week after that.  It would be great to take my big camera to Okpik, but the weather may not be cooperative.  I will take Jim's small camera instead.  That way I can stow it inside my coat.  The weather forecast is for a slight warm up with highs in the 20s and very low 30s with single-digit temperatures on Saturday night (the night we camp out on the lake).  I printed out the personal equipment list and will get my gear together today, so I can relax tomorrow before we leave.  Jim has been up there once and he said that was enough for him.  Ben has been a few times.  The boys just love it and I am sure I will love the challenge of braving harsh elements, too!
I was thinking about warm weather, which for me is unusual, when my dress arrived from FunkyFlax.  I will enjoy wearing it during the spring and summer.  With all the snow it is difficult to picture warm weather again.  I confess that I miss seeing green, although the deep snow is pretty.  

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