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Twisting the turns and turning the twists

Now that I have slain most of the knitting demons, the Aranmor is going gangbusters.  I'm past the first diamond and onto the next.  I can see in the photo in the book that there appear to be 3 1/2 or 4 diamonds up the front.  This is an enjoyable project.  I love how the Rowan Scottish Tweed is knitting up.  The natural color will show off the cable work nicely.
Jim is finally home from Ohio.  He visited his Mom, sister, niece, and her boys.  Mom turned 88 on the 28th.  She had a nice birthday and I am glad he was able to see her.  It has been quite a while since he was there.  I have not been back since a couple of months after my sister's funeral.  Jim had dinner with a couple we have known since junior high/high school.  They had a nice time.  We all keep in touch on Facebook.
...is going well!  Spunny inspects my work.
Tomorrow is the last of the wheel spinning classes.  One of my previous students will be there to make up her last class.  I am very proud of her.  She is spinning yarn for a project from A Fine Fleece, which is a really nice book.  Oh dear, here I go again!
While Jim was in Ohio, I made a couple of warm blankets.  Normally I wouldn't go for these because I love natural fiber, but Polar Fleece is so nice and cozy.  We got the scout fabric from the Wood badge breakfast auction and I just couldn't resist the gnome fabric.  The scout one is larger, I just squared off the gnome fabric.  I might make a pillow cover to take along camping.  I might need the extra warmth when I go to Okpik this coming weekend!  Okpik in Inuit for Snowy Owl.
Boy Scout blanket
Happy Gnomes
To make a simple, smaller blanket:  Polar fleece runs 60" wide.  Buy enough to make a square of fabric of the main color and a backing color.  On a large surface, trim the selvedge edges of both the backing and main color.  Now lay the backing and main color with wrong sides together.  Cut a 4" to 5" square from each corner (this determines the length of the fringe).  Now cut the fringe about 1" wide and 4" to 5" long all around the blanket.  Next tie every other fringe with overhand knots on the right side (the backing color should show up on the front), and then turn the blanket over and do the same on the wrong side.  It makes the fringe look better.  That's it!  It has been so cold here and these  blankets are lightweight and easy-care. 


Kathy said...

I am experiencing cable lust. That looks like fun.

Deborah said...

It IS fun!