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Cables, classes, and spreadsheets--oh my!

Eevee contemplating whether or not to venture out
I attended another class at the Apple Store this morning.  I created a spreadsheet for my classes and one for the Aranmor.  Rob was so helpful and it was nice to tweak on something I created.  After class I walked down to Caribou and enjoyed a cuppa Joe, a muffin, and some wi-fi time.  
Today is very sunny with a bit of wind kicking up.  The temperature is bottoming out by tomorrow.  Kathy and I will brave the cold and have our Friday coffee together.  I look forward to catching up and hopefully she will have on one of the sweaters she made recently.  
It's a big old egg outside!
23.01.11  Baby, it's cold outside!  It is very cold, but with a collection of sweaters and accessories, I always stay warm!
Progress on the Aranmor is coming along, but I seem to keep making mistake on row 17-18 of chart B.  Sigh...it seems that happens every so often in a project.   Working past a particular section can be frustrating.  It is not difficult, I was probably not paying attention (over confident) because the knitting was going too smoothly.
I love the texture!
We went to the Wood Badge Breakfast at Base Camp and it was such fun to see my patrol mates again.  We picked up some Scout stuff from the silent auction and Jim even had the winning bid on a cool chair that the Scouts (from the troop that Dennis and George started) made.  I heard a familiar voice bid, which surprised me.  Jim was upping the bid and didn't expect to have the winning bid!  All the money earned from the silent and live auctions helps fund Scouters that want to attend Wood Badge.  The upcoming WB course staffers were introduced and I found out that I may be a troop guide.  It was a surprise, but by 2012, I will have enough experience under my belt.  I will be away from my comfortable spot behind the camera!
Woody Bear came along
to decorate our table
Now to the front of the classroom...I will be condensing the Explore Color class and the Twists & Turns classes into one daytime class and one nighttime class.  It will be easier for both Kathy and for me!  The classes should be larger and it is always more interesting with larger groups.  So far it has been so much fun to see the progress of the colorful projects and the lovely cable projects students have chosen.   Today is the second session of three wheel spinning sessions.  I believe the antique wheel issues should be ironed out and the Babe wheel will cooperate with the students.  Ever faithful Louie always performs well for me!


Kathy said...

Aranmor is looking great. It always takes a while to get the pattern worked out. Have you ever tried highlighter tape? I've looked for it, but never found it locally. I usually use magnet boards, but they can move around.

It should be a beautiful sweater!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your critter. He's really adorable. We have a WB dinner and silent auction and one of the big ticket items is having 2 NRA certified instructors for the day of either rifle or shotgun shooting. It's perfect for me as none of the parents in my Troop ever seem to find time to get the required certification to do this for our own Scouts. Happy knitting and working on your tickets.