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New year, new classes

It looks like a stalagtite
03.01.11  I had my first class of the new year (Exploring Color), and I am happy to report that it went well.  I was very happy to have two returning students and after class, another former student will be taking a class!  My peeps are finding me in addition to new students and that makes me very happy.
It can be overwhelming to teach a new class, but I believe it went smoothly.  I took notes and am ready for the evening class.  Tomorrow is the Twists & Turns Starmore Style.  We will be dealing with yarn substitution. I figure most knitters will have a project chosen before class.
05.01.11  This morning I had my first one-to-one class at the Apple Store.  It was great learning how to best use my computer.  I will be able to use what I learned for my classes! I am at the 'bou in the mall and treating myself to a dark chocolate hot chocolate and an orange cranberry scone.  YUM!
11.01.11  Wow, this is quite a date!  The new year is still young, but my schedule has been quite busy so far.
Aranmor in progress!
The two new classes, Explore Color and Twists & Turns Starmore Style are going well. Yesterday morning was a very busy class, and the students are proud of what they have accomplished so far.  I would take photos, but it is so busy for the session, I do not have the time!  I started a pair of mittens for myself because I gave the other pair to my niece for Christmas.  The other project I started is Aranmor from Aran Knitting.  I think of it as an Aran sweater on steroids--8 charts to follow!  In the stash I have 10 skeins of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran in a traditional oatmeal color.  It's lovely yarn and the Aran version of the yarn I used for my beloved St. Brigid sweater that now hangs on display at the shop.  We are expecting very cold weather and I will miss wearing it, but having it on display at this time is a good promotion for the class.  It takes time to build a new following and I am happy that former students are taking my classes, too.  
Jim loves his new socks and I enjoyed knitting them.
Jim's socks are just about finished.  We had the first development weekend for the 2011 Grey Wolf course at Base Camp near the airport.  It was a lot of work, but an exciting time to meet the youth on staff and begin to form our team.  Jim is scoutmaster for Course 1, and I am ASM to the Scribe and Administration for Course 3.  Even though we were in the same building, Jim and I only met up at meals and in the "bowl".  I could hear his voice every once in a while from across the open area.  The next few months we will be having our individual course development weekends at camp.  We have 5 adults and 22 youth on staff.  During the week-long course in July, we will be hosting 64 participants.  I always wanted more kids and will be "mom" to 86 boys!  A challenge, but so rewarding.  I know I will learn and grow from the experience.  
Eevee loves her spot upstairs...
We are experiencing a very snowy winter so far and have just begun!  Even though it snowed all day yesterday, we only managed a couple of inches at most.  Today is the last warm day (in the 20s) and we begin a deep freeze. 
15.01.11  The classes are going well!  I have the wheel class coming up over the next three weeks and a drop spindle class on Monday.  I am getting used to a busy schedule again and thankfully I have my new toy--an IPad.  I can sync my calendar and keep track easier than with the day-timer.  Great little tool!

...she can observe everything from her spot!
Jim's socks are  finished and they fit nicely.  I did not try to match the stripes and I like the look.  Also on the needles:  the Aranmor from Aran Knitting and another pair of mittens from Color by Kristen.  I do not have photos of the mittens, yet.  We had another bout of snowfall, which was very pretty yesterday.  Today it is clear and cold.  I shoveled the driveway before Jim got home from spin class (the bike, not the wheel!).  I worked on the deck, steps, and the patio, too.  Eevee can move around easily.  Inside, she loves her spot upstairs where she can see the dining room, the kitchen, the foyer, and even out the windows.  


Anonymous said...

I love the pair of socks!

Deborah said...

Merci, Jojo!

Joanne said...

Wow! You are really busy! I love your projects and am excited to see them as they progress. Eevee is smart. What a great place to lay and watch it all!! Enjoy the snow. :)