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I was surfing the web the other day and found a cute pattern for a no-sew sweater from Berroco.
I got my Wood Badge beads on Monday.  It was a fun event at our troop meeting with our Scouting family in attendance.  Kristi got her beads at the Wood Badge breakfast in January.  I waited until Ben came home. 
Three of us from the troop went through the same course.
The totems represent the Buffalo, Bear, and Beaver patrols.
I got the cake at Cub and put the totems on myself.
Ben and I were laughing, and I don't know how
I managed to keep a steady hand!  
The Bears were well-represented!
Ben is home for spring break.  We have had a nice, relaxing time.  It is time for him to go back to school today. :(  Ben will be back for Easter along with one of his buddies, Paul.  Yesterday, Ben and I were running errands and the bookstore was one of our stops.  When we got home, Ben's phone rang and it was one of his high school friends.  Apparently, while in the bookstore, two of his other friends were "stalking" us and we left before they had a chance to surprise Ben.  They all got together last night and had a good time catching up.    I am glad he had that opportunity to reconnect with friends.  One friend is home from the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and they have not seen him for quite some time.
I taught a wheel spinning class yesterday.  Little Hortense (I decided to shorten her name.  If she is naughty, she will be Amelie Hortense!).  Transporting her in the backpack was very easy.  Parking is at a premium in Anoka and I had to park a bit far from the shop.  Anyway, it was a good class and my student did get the hang of the drafting before class ended.  I am anxious to see her progress over the next week.  Kathy is planning to have the spinning corner of the shop upstairs.  We will have our own area for class, spinning tools, and fiberrrrr!  I will decorate the space--happy dance!  The shop hop is coming up, so we will be re-arranging the shop to open up the areas.  St. Brigid will still be on display...I did not wear her this winter.  I have to admit, she makes lovely wall art!
Coopworth roving blended with just a hint of
cotton, linen, and wool blend.
Ashford Wildcarder
Finished yarn before blocking
Aranmor with the EB (entrelac bowl)  I have 
to finish and felt the bowl.  
Self-portrait in the
pansy sweater.
Progress is slow on Aranmor.  Working on spinning takes up more of my time right now.  I was surfing the web the other day and Berroco posted a new free pattern here.  I like the construction of it.  Also, I am trying to take more photos for Ravelry.  I do not take photos of me actually wearing my projects, because it looks funky to be holding the camera in the shot.  The weather is warm enough for me to wear the pansy sweater as a jacket.  I love this design (by Susan Duckworth).  I wish I had a photo of the backside of the knitting in progress with all those bobbins of yarn.  This sweater has 23 colors and the yarn is fingering weight--amazing detail!

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Joanne said...

Congratulations on receiving your Wood Badge Beads! Good job! I love your Pansy Sweater it is gorgeous, I can only imagine the work that went into it. I love your batts and spinning too. You really have been productive!