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Eevee's paths disappeared.
Spring sprung, and then it SNOWED!  Jim told me to take the Jeep on Wednesday.  I drove my car to the gym.  Bad idea.  I made it to yoga, but did not make it up the driveway when I got home.  I started to shovel, and then decided to start the snowplow.  The shovel worked, not the snowplow.  I got back in the car and tried to back up--nope.  I tried to go forward--nope.  In all my years of driving, I have never been stuck...I was stuck.  A couple of neighbors pushed the car while I revved it and finally got unstuck.  One of the fellows started the snowplow and cleared a path for me to pull into the garage.  I made two loops around the block because I was afraid to stop and get stuck again.  Once I got the car back into the garage, I got ready for work.  It took over 30 minutes to get to work and I was happy to drive the Jeep!
Bowl before felting
I finally have the entrelac bowl finished and it is ready to felt.  I believe I will adapt the pattern and put in better instructions.  The Quant is my next small project and then I can schedule a class for an introduction to entrelac.  Entrelac is not my favorite technique, but now I am happy to have finished the bowl.  Maybe once it is felted I will like it a bit more.  My Baktus scarf is on the second half of the skein.  
Heavy March snowfall.

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Margie said...

That sounds like a real ordeal. Such heavy snow. I think your entrelac looks fantastic, really difficult, looking forward to seeing the felted finished piece. Keep cosy warm and most importantly safe on the roads. Hugs, Margie.