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...a lot like Christmas!

09.12.09 Now the snow is here! It feels more like Christmas. Of course, I have to get out and about today. I have one class and then my time is my own! No meetings tonight. I have some more decorations to put up and I'll be sure to build a fire and take time out for cocoa and knitting. Most of the shopping was done online, and I confess it's nice! The only gifts to send are small knitted items, which can go in padded envelopes!
I'm still knitting the second sleeve of the Rustic cardigan. I've had too many distractions lately to finish it. It's not an attractive photo, but the yarn knits up beautifully.
14.12.09 More snow last night. I got to bed a bit late and it surprised me how light it was outside. I just enjoyed looking out the window at the snow. It was so fine, you couldn't see the flakes and it was beautiful. This is going to be a very busy week. Ben comes home, I need to get the cards out and begin baking. We've really enjoyed going out the past couple of weekends, but I'm ready to spend time with my guys! I mailed out the small gifts and am grateful that's finished!
15.12.09 I thought I'd show some knitted Christmas ornaments and an old favorite sweater. The ornaments adorn my little tree I keep in the kitchen by the phone. There are felted balls, Fimo ornaments, and a knitted mitten garland. The doll and candy cane were made by Joanne and I have another handspun mitten on the other side. The sweater is one I made in 1989 from a Vogue Knitting magazine. We were still in Germany at that time. I know that holiday sweaters aren't supposed to be fashionable, but this one is soft, comfortable, and fun to wear this time of year.

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Joanne said...

Fashionable or not, I sure hope you are wearing that great sweater!
Love seeing your ornaments.