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I'm dreaming of a...

A bit of snow to set the mood... a peppermint pig to break on Christmas and a little ornament from a trip to Swarovski (Innsbruck, Austria).

16. 12 (morning) I don't have to dream because we have snow and expect a bit more in the next week. It was 0 degrees F and made it up to 5 yesterday. Today we may hit 15!
Cringe...I haven't finished the cards, yet. That may be the project this evening. At least after work today I have the rest of the afternoon and evening with no events to attend. Time to finish laundry and clean up Ben's room before he comes home on Friday. We're so excited to see him. I think Eevee senses his arrival, too.
19.12 (morning) Ben made it home and looked so handsome dressed up in his suit and argyle vest. (He didn't have room for them in his duffel.) Jess was on the same flight. She'll be going to Florida with the women's team. Ben and the guys will be going to Arizona.
I got a note from my niece, Shannon. She loves the scarf and looks so pretty in it. I'm happy she got a computer and we can have conversations quickly! I used to be quite a letter writer, but times are so rushed now. I don't take the time to hand write much of anything anymore. Sigh...I type faster anyway.
My right hand and wrist were getting a bit sore, so I'm taking a break from kitting. I think that's why I prefer large projects rather than little socks. I started some socks with Kristin Nicholas' sock yarn. I love the yarn, but the small tube knitting is hard on my right hand--even when I switch techniques.
I took some photos of the rest of the decorations yesterday. The little town is up and the Santas are gracing the mantle with the nutcrackers. It's time to take out the butter and let it soften for some baking later...I have to decide which ones to bake first...mmmm...

The Boy Scout nutcrackers stand guard on the mantle by the Santas, the little sailor plays a t
une near his sailboat, and I think the little Bavarian wants a taste of Guinness!

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Joanne said...

Great seeing your snow! We are supposed to get snow today! I may actually get a white Christmas here in TX. :)