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Weaving Wednesday project

I started this top back in November and finished the pieces, but didn't take the time to finish.  I think I had an aversion to cutting until I made the vest recently.  The top came together nicely and I took my time measuring and pinning before cutting and sewing the pieces together.  I used the sewing machine because I wanted neat stitching.  To cut the long piece in two, I measured, hand-sewed a piece of yarn evenly through the middle and then went to the machine to straight stitch and then zigzag stitch the ends, after which I cut through the middle of the yarn separating the piece for the sides.  The fronts were easy to separate because I'd woven waste yarn between the pieces.  The hem tape covered the edges of the top at the neckline.  The piece turned out nicely and looks great.  

Secure and cut!

It's beginning to look like a top.

I like the subtle vertical stripes in the center front and back pieces.  

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