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Adventures in Scotland, the wool and whiskey tour, day 1

Jim blogged about our adventures the week we spent in Scotland.  Now that we're home, I have the time and energy to look through the photos and think back on the wonderful time we had through the week.

The first day was a whirlwind, having arrived in Edinburgh early in the morning.  After getting the car, Jim called a friend we met through Scouts and we headed to Dundee.  We met up with Chris and Ben, two Scouts that stayed with us twelve years ago.  It was good to see them and catch up.  They are doing well, and maybe someday the trio (including our Ben) will meet up again.

A lovely red mail box in Glamis.

Walking in the direction of the castle, I found the colors of the stone and moss inspiring for knitting or weaving.
Ben, Clem, and Chris (Chris had a basketball injury).

Oh, I would love to hear the stories this tree could tell...

Even on a rainy day Glamis Castle was a spectacular sight and the surrounding grounds were impressive.
The castle is quite large.  
We drove around and enjoyed the scenery, had a bite to eat, and were able to get out and about between the bouts of rain.  Unfortunately, as the day went on I began to feel ill.  We picked up Clem's Shetland sheepdogs to take them for a walk and I could get some puppy kisses.

Unfortunately I was really feeling poorly by the time we picked up Clem's wife, Diane, I was so dizzy and sick we had to find a doctor.  Fast forward...it turned out to be vertigo brought on by an inner ear rock slide.  The up and down of the three flights (the flight between Chicago and Dublin was very turbulent), driving, and fatigue caught up with me.  Once we got to the first B&B in Perthshire, I was able to lay on the bed and rest.  Between the prescription and Brandt & Daroff exercises, I felt much better by the next morning.  

Despite feeling ill, I loved Clem's little darlings and they were fun to watch darting about the park chasing their ball and each other.  

I call this dog pills.  I think they know just what they need to do to make one feel better.  

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Joanne said...

OH, I am so sorry you had the vertigo and weren't feeling well. Glad you were able to get to the dr and found help there. Love the dogs and your pictures are beautiful!