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Weaving Wednesday hat

Weaving Wednesdays are becoming very productive.  I finished my first woven hat, a quick project.   Fingering weight yarn from my stash was the perfect choice for the warp, weft, and ribbed band.  I used the pattern in Weave Knit Wear for the measurements, approximately 30-inches long by 13-inches wide.  The weather was cold, wet, and windy last week and the hat was warm and lightweight.

Knit 2 purl 2 ribbing with matching yarn
Gathered top
New hat!
Before the vest projects, I had a scarf started on the loom.  The vest interested me more than another scarf, and the piece was ended and cut off.  It is the perfect length and width for another hat, which will be more like a beanie.  Once the band is knitted, I will decide whether to gather the top or shape the top with sewn seams.

Hat form I use for blocking and fitting.
Fitting the fabric.  I make sure to try the hat on before sewing the seam.
Machine sewn seam, seam allowance turned under and steamed, and then hand sewn.

I am working on sample knitting and the hat is on the back burner until tomorrow's weaving day.  Mary has a bag on her loom and Kathryn is making a top.  I am thinking about making yardage of fabric that can be cut and sewn into a top.  The last meeting of the weaving group at Anoka Fiber Works, one of the members brought in a book she no longer wanted.  Clothing From The Hands That Weave by Anita Luvera Mayer is an inspirational book featuring history, finished pieces, and patterns for garments.

A sampling of simple shapes used for garments from all over the world.

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Joanne said...

I love your hats!!! You have become a wonderful weaver, you are so talented! I like the idea of weaving for sewing clothes, too. I think you will have a lot of fun with that book.