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I am a fortunate person.  I love working with fiber with all the beautiful fibers, yarn, spinning and knitting tools...but I did not start out doing those things.  I began as a studio artist, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Recently an opportunity arose for me to draw and paint again.  I confess that it was not easy to pick up and begin, but soon I felt comfortable and now it is flowing easily...I have missed this for some time.  It is easy to allow other things to monopolize time and as much as I love knitting, it was beginning to feel more like a chore than a passion.  It is still important to me, however, it is time for a change and a return to the studio.
Some of the paintings for an upcoming event in keeping with the furry theme.  The painting on the left is a grisaille I did for some black and white prints.  The center painting is an underpainting I started this afternoon.  I preferred the sheep in the photo on the iPad and the landscape from the photo I took before this on the same day.  The photo is from our drive around the Connemara loop on Valentine's Day.  It was a great place for a photo opportunity and a sheep encounter.  As I walked closer, one of the sheep looked up and posed nicely for me.  Thank you sheep.  The angora rabbit was visiting Anoka Fiber Works  and was a perfect model atop a pillow.  
Fortune smiled on me when I had my recent post-surgery check up with Dr. Parke.  Dealing with my dwindling vision from the eye surgery last May (Memorial Day weekend) has been a challenge.  A cataract formed quickly since the surgery and the doctor referred me to Dr. Conrad, a cataract surgeon.  The timing was perfect, as Dr. Conrad had a cancellation and I was able to go directly from one appointment to another.  Timing is indeed everything and surgery was scheduled.  That brings me to some happy news.  Last week I had cataract surgery on my left eye and now my vision is restored and even better than before.  None of my glasses--new or old are usable and I ordered a pair of non-prescription glasses to wear when I do not need "cheaters."  I do not mind wearing glasses and like the protection of glasses.  In four weeks I will have an eye exam for a new prescription.  I have a variety of frame from which to choose!

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