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Spinnin' cotton

My dear friend, Joanne, gifted me some of her precious denim cotton roving, white cotton and cotton denim together.  My :^( Urchin hat that I lost while in Shetland needs to be replaced. I really loved it because it was handspun, cotton, I could wear it almost any time of year and it went with everything.  I remember well spinning that cotton, too.  It was my first and a real bugger, but so pretty--it was all denim and the most wonderful blue!  Cotton staple is short and it takes a bit of practice to get it going in a nice single.  While living in Texas I spun cotton and cotton blends often, but moving to Minnesota changed that.  Recycled cotton denim roving is impossible to find because the denim of today contains spandex.  I have found a bit used as an add-in and I bought some when I was last in Texas.  It will be used in something special.  The yarn in the photo is from that wonderful shop (now gone) called Woolenworks.  I have been using bits and bobs of those early skeins of handspun for all sorts of projects lately--the woven table runner, which I gave to Ben yesterday.  
Anyway, the first skein is finished and I have a bit more to spin on Hortense.  She is the perfect little wheel for spinning cotton.  
A happy photo when I finished the hat.

A well-traveled chapeau.  "Cock your hat--angles are attitudes," as Frank Sinatra said.

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Joanne said...

The picture of you wearing your original Urchin in Ireland, needs to be framed or put on a postcard. :) It looks so good! Your spinning looks great, I should get mine out and spin it too.