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Projects and Yarn and Matisse

I have a couple of summer classes coming up at Anoka Fiber Works.   One is for the Felted Amulet Bag and the other is a polymer clay topped shawl stick (no photos yet).  I will post more information soon!

The Amulet Bag is wet felted over a smooth, palm-sized river rock.

Layers of colors are revealed when the rock is removed.
During Rastamania at the shop I was asked to design a one-skein scarfette, so the Snowflake was born.  I used one of my favorite stitch patterns--the star stitch and one skein of Malabrigo Rasta.  

Next is a new class addition, Fjord Rose Wrist Warmers.  The original pattern from Drops does not have the thumb.  I added the thumb to make them into mitts, which is practical for Minnesota weather.  This project is nicely done with five balls of Rowan Fine Tweed.  By changing colorways, I might be able to get a second pair out of the yarn!
Bright colors are cheery and chase away the chill.

I meet so many nice people through knitting.  Becky is one of them.  Sadly, she moved recently and it is nice to be able to stay in touch through social media.  Anyway, while she was downsizing her yarn stash she met me at the coffee shop with a bag full of TWEED!  Lovely yarn in beautiful colors.  What a treat and I will enjoy finding a project to do this yarn justice.

It was fun to arrange the colors on the table.

Recently we had a special visit to the shop.  Sally Melville had classes on Friday and Sunday the end of April.  Bobbi, the shop owner, is on the right.  It was such a treat to meet a knitter I admire and have followed for years.  Her classes were great!

This week I realized that the Matisse exhibit at the MIA was almost over.  I reserved my ticket and made a trip to the museum.  I got a parking spot right in front of the main door.  
The flowers in front were so pretty.

The exhibit was the Cone Collection from Baltimore.  While in Paris, sisters Claribel and Etta Cone visited the studios of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.  They acquired a large collection they displayed in their Baltimore apartments.  The group of Matisse numbers 500.

I think this was my favorite painting.  The pewter jug showed up in a few of his works.  I  particularly like the use of color and pattern in this piece.  

Detail of the Yellow Dress.  Matisse would work and rework some of his paintings.  They look deceptively easy and quickly executed. 

Delicate lines and strong brushstrokes.  The paint on the canvas was more like a wash.

This is a detail of a larger work.  

The last part of the exhibit was the paper collages.  Bold colors and designs.  One cannot help but smile when looking at Matisse!

All that beauty made me hungry.  A cup of hot chocolate and a ginger cookie was the perfect snack.

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