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Happy Mother's Day

This time of year is bittersweet.  I happily celebrate my son, Ben, for making me Mom.  He is the work of art of which I am most proud.  I think about my Mom, Arlene, and her love of her family and her limitless creativity.  My mother-in law, Maxine, was so sweet, kind, and loving and never hesitated to be there for me.  Growing up there was Mrs. Duffy, our neighbor.  She is like a second Mom to me and was a dear friend to my Mom.  I am fortunate to have had these women in my life to nurture and care for and about me.  Their influence in my life have made me a better person.  It takes time to gain wisdom and soldier on through life.  Thank you Mom, Mom Coder, and Mrs. Duffy.  You are and always will be a part of me.  Happy Mother's Day.

Ben and me.  The little chair was mine.  I can remember picking it out when I was not much bigger than him.

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day, and that you are enjoying the warmer weather, big hugs, love Margie ❤️