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My class begins soon and I am ready to get down to business (pun intended!).  I am gathering patterns and ideas for my classes at Amazing Threads beginning in January.  In fact, one of my projects is on the needles and progressing nicely.  I stopped by to get some inspiration and my friend, Kathy, was there with a knitting group and I happily joined in.  I spent time looking through the Rowan books and the wall of yarn. Naturally the tweed caught my attention and the pattern Brynn from Rowan Tweed by Marie Wallin will be my first shop sample and what I think will be a great project for a class.  The slip stitch checks are easy and the yarn is bouncy with luscious color.
There will be another polymer clay class at Creative Souls with a focus on faces.  Since the class is in December, snowmen and holiday-themed canes will be fun projects for buttons, beads, and whatever else the students make.  It will be fun to play with clay!  I will post class information soon!

A little shrug in cheery colors.

Ben began his job last week and looks so handsome in his suit and topcoat when he leaves in the morning.  He is looking for an apartment closer to work and will be getting some furniture from us.  Our new furniture arrives tomorrow and I am excited.  Jim and I are frugal when it comes to things like furniture and home improvements.  We just now got the new floors upstairs after living here 13 years.  Other than a new coat of paint on that level (our home is a split-level from 1984) the house finally feels like ours.  A little improvement every few years pays off.  My goal next year is to tend to the shrubs and plants out front.  I am not a gardener, although I appreciate so much beautiful landscaping.  Unfortunately I did not inherit the gardening gene of my parents.  I prefer to paint the flowers and trees on canvas, which would be wonderful...I could have new paintings to put out front every season--no digging required.
Back to change.  I am ready for a change, as this has been a difficult year and I always have hope that tomorrow will be better.  In the past month the decision to go back to school and changing my place of employment are two big steps forward.  I will be teaching at The Shepherdess through December and then will begin teaching at Amazing Threads in January.  I appreciate so much the support and encouragement I received from everyone during the past few years.

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