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New projects and the end of an era

I am very excited about my new knitting opportunity as a sample knitter.  My first projects are for small projects using a lovely and very soft yarn.  I will not reveal the projects, but you can have a little peek...
One project is in this color.
Here is the yarn for the next two projects.
The colors for all three are gorgeous.
Congratulations to the Carthage Red Men on their fifth CCIW Swim Championship in a row (with no divers, I might add)!  We had so much fun at the meet and it certainly did not disappoint for excitement.  After eleven years of competitive swimming, Ben is finished.  I know he will continue to swim, as it is such a life-long sport.  It is just a little sad to know we are now finished with this part of Ben's life...although he has exciting adventures ahead after his graduation in May.
Ben's last breaststroke in the 400 IM.
I finally got a good photo of him in this race! 
Red Men win their fifth championship in a row!
They went into the meet 160 points behind Wheaton,
because Carthage does not have divers.
President Campbell even came to the meet
and joined in the celebration!
Ben is in the first row, fourth from the right.
Of course, after the photo opportunity
all the men along with the coach end up in the pool!

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