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A Major Award and working for Wood Badge

Earlier in March...
It certainly was a nice weekend (even though Jim was gone).  Friday night was the District Dinner.  It was a great event at the Mermaid this year.  The decorations were clever.  I got one of the "campfires."  There was a large wall tent set up with some retro Scouting gear and a fake campfire.  There was a gal taking photos.  I crawled into the tent and peeked out.  I love the sleeping bag, even though it would be completely impractical today. We got our Pack and Troop group together for a photo and I don't know who ended up with it.  We will have to get copies for everyone.  The silent auction had lots of wonderful items, and I finally found Jim a chessboard befitting his Lewis Chessmen (after many years of searching); there is storage for the chess pieces!  After supper we were entertained by a speaker, Bill Sherck, and then presentation of awards.  Pack and Troop 406 came on strong this year with recognition for five adults including Mike for Scoutmaster of the Year (I was the presenter of that award), and me for the River Award.  Now THAT was a complete surprise.  I was just taking in the description of the person and the last two items were Grey Wolf and then PTC, which became clear it was ME!  We brought changes of clothing and went upstairs to bowl.  I got home very late, but it was a fun evening spent with good friends and totally worth it.
I am knitting away on the samples and should finish them in plenty of time before the deadline.  My other project are taking a back seat until I finish.

Jim finished up his second Wood Badge weekend and now my course is gearing up.  We have our first development soon, and I have to practice my presentations for the first three days.  The week-long course is going to feel like running a marathon, but having been on Grey Wolf staff was good practice.
22.03.12  I managed to finish and block the samples for Blue Sky Alpacas.  I loved working with the gorgeous yarn and I am anxious to see them photographed.
Ben is home this week for Spring Break and is getting all his ducks in a row for job applications, etc.  I have had class almost every night this week so we enjoy our time together during the day.
My next project for the shop will be the Secret Garden Cardigan.  I'll be making a small or medium, I have not decided yet.  As it is a shop sample, I will knit it with the original main color, a rich brown, and similar yoke colors.  I picked some blue to pop in the mix.  It will be lovely.

Work has kept me very busy lately.  Kathy put out a groupon and I had my beginning knitting class Tuesday and Thursday.  I liked going back to the bare bones of knitting and it is exciting to see the "birth" of new knitters.  The atmosphere is fun with new items in the loft and lots of hustle and bustle about the shop.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Congratulations on your award and kudos for all you do for Scouting! It's always nice to be recognized for your volunteer service and you definitely do it with a smile. Congratulations!

Deborah said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer! It always helps to work with great youth and other adult volunteers. Scouting IS a game with a purpose.