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Big storm ahead

I had fun at the retreat. Frogged too much, ate too much, finished spinning some gray roving (153 +- yds.) and 2 oz. of freebie batt from a shop in Hinkley. We watched Mama Mia--I have to say I don't think it was that great. Pierce Brosnan ruined it!! We had more fun laughing at the bad singing. (Sorry if anyone out there liked it.) MiniD and Jojo kept me company at the table. The knitting in the bag is what got frogged.
Anyway, I'm working on a scarf for a friend that needs comforting. It's the Gossamer Shell Scarf from 101 One Skein Wonders. using Twinkle Kid Mohair. The only problem is I have the old one, which has lots of errors. I've made a document and have to print it out and keep it with the book. I want to make quite a bit of progress tonight, and will take a break and finish the bunny made from the batt. I stopped at Half Price Books today and found a book--Simply Shetland. Many goodies in it--even Fair Isle bears.
Looking out the window, the snow is wet and heavy, but pretty like Charlie Brown snow.


Joanne said...

I am so glad that you had a great time at your retreat! Sorry about the movie. I love seeing the water and scenery in that movie. Some of the singing was different, like you say.

Is my book the old book? Should I check it out for you?

Kathy said...

Honest now, did the wine have anything to do with the frogging? Sounds like you had a good time, but Mama Mia? Really? Was every other movie checked out at Blockbuster?

Well, if you haven't popped the cork on that wine yet, you should do it tonight. BRRRR!