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Twill continued...

The wool twill is off the loom as of yesterday afternoon.  There were a couple of warp thread issues toward the end and I couldn't squeeze in those last couple of inches, but pulling it off the loom was a wonder!  This was a very rewarding experience and to have my first fabric turn out as I envisioned is nothing short of amazing!  It's been a journey of discovery to learn a new skill and take my love of making garments to another level of creativity.  Working with like-minded artisans is a gift.  We inspire, encourage, and support each other in the process of creating.  Slowing down and not rushing the process, and thinking about the materials we use and where they are sourced is part how we approach our work.

Fabric comes off the loom quickly!

Linda gave me some assistance.  I was so happy to see the straight edges and the amount of fabric coming off the loom!

I made this!

The next step is to zigzag the ends with the sewing machine, wash, and then brush the fabric.  I'm searching through my patterns to get some inspiration for a sewing project.  

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Jennifer said...

What a fun experience you had. I love your fabric and can't wait to see what you make with it.