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On Monday evening, the program for the weaving group at Anoka Fiber Works was learning how to make simple Kumihimo braids.  Sharing instructions, Mary and I paired up and used some leftover threads from Kathryn's weaving.  There is a very good website here.  Below is a photo of the braid I made at the meeting, a 10-cord flat braid with a vertical/horizontal pattern, 2 cord crossover.  The button was the anchor.  The black threads on the sides were the crisscross strands in the middle as you will see in the rest of the photos.

Naturally, when I got home I had to try it out with some wool yarn.  The weight from the small scissors was helpful.  I did not have to pull the braid through the hole. 

Looking a bit like jellyfish tentacles.  I used a small scissors to weight the braid  as it goes through the hole in the middle of the white loom.

The looms were made from foam-core board.

the braid in progress.  One at a time, the strands above and below trade places...

...when the strands are all in place, the horizontal strands trade places (crisscross) and the process begins again.  The yellow-green horizontal strands are along the sides of the flat braid.  
Another FO (finished object) in my ongoing efforts to wipe out the WIPs.  The Puffin Mantle, by Kate Davies is finally finished.  It was a delightful project to knit with an easy garter stitch in the round chevron pattern.  The yarn made the project extra-special because I purchased it at Jamieson & Smith in Lerwick.

On my way to the scout camp in Wisconsin, I stopped by Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, Minnesota. There is a new sculpture in front of the shop.  He is  adorable.  I will have to bring the Humpty Ds with me next time so I can get a photo of them together.

He is smiling and therefore must not be in any pain from his great fall.
We have been hiking with the crew twice a week to prepare for the backpacking trip to New Mexico later in the summer.  The wildflowers were so pretty on this particular Sunday.


Joanne said...

Love the idea of the scissors for your Kumihimo project. Last summer, we used a little bag, about 2" x 2" and filled with pennies for that job. I like the scissors. Your puffin is gorgeous!!! Wow! Now, I want to make one. So many ideas, so little time. Hahaha!

Deborah said...

Oh, I like the pennies. I needed my scissors and had to take them off. The puffin mantle is so easy to make. Ella Gordon made the sweater and the yoke is a grayscale. It's really pretty.

I hear you! There's so much to do, so much I want to do and there are only 24 hours in a day!