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Fiber, knitting, and a little Shepherd's Harvest

May has been a busy month.  A few weeks ago was Shepherd's Harvest Festival.  This year it was cold and a bit rainy, but that just gave me an excuse to bundle up and wear woollies.  On Friday, Linda taught the felted sheep rug class.  I was prepared to stomp around in a baby pool, but the weather was far too cold for that.  We worked by hand instead.  It took time and muscle, but the results were delightfully sheepy.  I was particularly happy the locks I placed around the sheep and at the forehead felted maintaining their curl.

Linda had the prefect heads finished.  We made our eyes and lightly needle felted them on the faces.  To the left is my wool spread out in the ring ready to felt.

I see you!

On Saturday morning I demonstrated top whorl drop spindle spinning.  It is always fun to meet new people and see familiar faces.  There were lots of folks wanting to learn how to spin.  After spinning, I walked around to check out the vendors.  I stopped at the Anoka Fiber Works area and Kathryn told me about some very nice Shetland laceweight yarn from Sandy's Palette.  I bought two light and two dark skeins.  I am going to use one or both colors for a hap from The Book of Haps by Kate Davies.  

My favorite thing to do at Shepherd's Harvest is to visit the sheep barn.  It was early enough to see some of the sheep before shearing.  I picked up my Jacob fleece from Marcia.  She contacted me before the festival for ChiChi's fleece.  This year Marcia brought along a few sheep from her flock.  ChiChi was not there.  She likes to hide under the llama, making her difficult to catch.  The fleece was slightly smaller than last year's at just over two pounds.  

Pictured below are a few of the sheep that were in the barn...baaa, we're ready for our closeup.

The Jacob sheep were freshly sheared. 

When I got home I readied the fleece for scouring by separating the dark and light sections.  Like having a new box of crayons, I always dumped the box of 64 and arranged them chromatically.  ChiChi's fleece is a lovely grayscale.    

I have about equal amounts of black and grays with most of it being white.  Marcia does a good job of skirting, so very little veggie matter or dirty bits.  

Below are the goodies I bought at Shepherd's Harvest.  I just took more time to enjoy looking and visiting than purchasing.  
Oh my, look at the lovely Shetland laceweight!
This was my monochromatic Shepherd's Harvest year.
Linda had sheep pin kits in her booth inside the barn.  She was doing a demo when I was there.  I wanted gray, so she switched out the white.  That will be a much quicker project than the rug!
The night before the demo, I took the time to card a batt with Finn roving as the base and added a bit of gray wool, hemp, sari silk, and white alpaca with color bits.  Naturally, I forgot to add it to the bag.  After winding off the yarn from Stella, I spun a couple of pretty skeins of tweedy goodness.  

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