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Friday FOs and a WIP off the loom

This year is starting off well for the WIP wipeout!  I finished a hat that I started in class.  It will be a shop sample so I do not have to leave my beret there.  I like the beanie version of Dreaming of Provence by Tori.  The Unicorn Tails are beautiful, but I prefer woolly wool for color work.  Super wash wool tends to behave like cotton and so I took a chance and put the damp hat in the dryer with a towel and checked it often.  Perfect!  The yarn bloomed and filled in the spaces.  I caution anyone not to do this with every super wash wool.  I know how this particular yarn behaves, so it was not a problem.
Lavender, sunflowers, poppies and almond flowers adorn the hat.

I topped it off with a sunflower.

The beginning of the weave-along journey, picking out warp and weft yarns.

The first armhole slit.
The string is used for measuring.  The knot marks 17-inches for the front past the second armhole slit .
Kathryn, Mary and I meet once a week at Anoka Fiber Works to weave and for support.
Kathryn's project is off the loom and she is doing a quick size check.
My project fresh off the loom.  The orange and turquoise yarn is waste yarn to be removed later.
I was pleased that I managed to make armhole slits, although I began the second one on the wrong side.  Kathryn noticed and I fixed it.  That is why working as a group is good.  We take care of each other through the process!
This morning I used the sewing machine to zigzag the edge above the waste yarn.  I will let it heal before I cut anything...because I am chicken...
Last weekend we had a fun time at an event by Ft. Snelling sponsored by REI.  It was a glorious day, very cold and we saw this beautiful sun dog over the lake.  


torirot said...

Love the colours of your Provence beanie!

Deborah said...

Thank you, Tori. It is such a great little hat!

Joanne said...

I love your beautiful hat! I am so glad that you put the pictures of your vest up, what fun to be able to see the progress! Have you cut it yet? Will you model it for us? The snow, lake and snow dog are beautiful!! I love seeing your pics of snow. :)