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Wool, wool and more wool

A couple of weeks ago Mikey, a colleague of Jim's from Ireland, came over for supper as well as Ben.  Mikey brought some wool over from Ireland from the Kerry Woolen Mill.  Jim bought four pound of Jacob wool in three grays and white and Mikey bought two pounds of white to black.  That was a very big surprise, as Jim thought I had too much wool (spun and unspun) in my stash.  Each of the colors has bits of other natural colors, which give the wool a wonderful rustic texture when spun.  I decided to send it through the carder for manageable batts and began to spin the single in light gray.

Batts of Jacob wool from Ireland
Nice texture and color
Last Thursday I took a class at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, The Color Wheel in Wool.  I did not take many photos because we were busy during the whole time we were there.   It was interesting to see the results of the dye with yarn, felt and wool fabric (I had the wool fabric).  The dye kit was a cool palette so the red is pinkish.  I was pleased with the results and have leftover dye to play with when I have time this week, although I need a pan that would be used only with dye.  Time to visit Goodwill!
Steaming wool fabric and yarn

Dyed fabric soaking in Synthropal, removing any excess dye and washing the fabric.
Left to right: my wool fabric, wool felt and wool yarn.

Instructor Susan Antell, master dyer at the Textile Center, checks out Angie's felt squares.

Twelve, 12-inch squares--so pretty!
Current projects in progress are a sample for Blue Sky, the Advent mittens (I hit a mitten wall and have to catch up), the Lopi cardigan re-work and the Japanese vest from Folk Vests.  
Re-working the collar and bands of a Lett Lopi cardigan.

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I love your dying!!! Great job!