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It is a busy time of year--yarn tasting at the shop, sample knitting, classes and spinning.  My project for yarn tasting the Snowy Woods Hat made with HiKoo Tiara.  It is a wool blend sprinkled with beads and sequins.  I typically do not use shiny objects in my knitting, but this was the perfect yarn for the project and it bloomed nicely when I blocked the project.  The pattern is part of a collection of six patterns and is available as an e-book or single pattern.
Snowy Woods Hat for Yarn Tasting

A beautiful autumn sky...

...and a cloud of BFL to spin

Colorful leaves...

...colorful yarn

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Joanne said...

Oh, I love that you used the yarn with the sequins for your hat! Makes it look like ice and snow! BFL, I can imagine the delight as you spin this wonderful fiber. Thank you for the fall colors!! Our leaves are falling, but you know how they are mainly brown here.