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The long and winding yarn

Ben came up over the weekend to ride with Jim.  Good exercise and a fun time together.

I finished the Sinopia shawlette from Curls.  I confess to a bit of whining during the process.  I found the chart difficult to read.  I prefer uncluttered charts for knitting.  Checking through  my books I could see the difference.

This was a great one skein project.  Baah Aspen was lovely yarn to work with and the color is just gorgeous.  

I pulled the points down to give the edge a nice shape.

Comparing the symbolcraft in this chart to the others below, notice the long vertical lines representing the k on rs/p on ws blends in with the grid lines.  

The smaller vertical lines fit into the grid and the horizontal dashes are bold making this easier to read.

The easiest chart for me to read has blank grid squares for the k on rs/p on ws.  
On Sunday I took the sock blank dyeing class at Anoka Fiber Works.  Carole and her son from Rocking Horse Farm in St. Cloud taught the class.  Since I rarely knit socks the stripes did not appeal to me so I chose a free form approach.  It was fun!

Everybody had fun experimenting.  (Photo from Rocking Horse Farm)

Distinctive striping and dragon scales.  

I opted to go freestyle with vertical stripes so the color would be more random.

I did the second one before class ended.  I used leftover colors.  I was happy to have lots of green!

I purposely did not allow the color to saturate the scribbly blank because I wanted more of the white to show.  

The two strands separated easily while winding one on the ball winder and the other by hand.  

I love this one!  Lots of green with white peeking through.

All wound and ready to knit.  I wound the skeins so opposite ends would show.  


Jennifer said...

I love your shawl - and totally understand the whining involved. I never realized what a difference good charting makes. I guess I assumed there were universal symbols. I clearly see your point. I find the second one very easy to read. I can almost see the knitting pattern in the graph.

I **LOVE** your sock dyeing class. Such a fun way to create some hand-dyed sock yarn. I've never seen it done in such a free spirited manner. You're a genius. I can't wait to see how they knit up. What fun socks and memories you'll have every time you wear them. Squee!

Joanne said...

I just love you pulled the points down on the shawl, it really makes the edge look wonderful. I agree about the charts. I like the same one that you do.

Your yarns look great! What a great idea for separating them, you are soooo smart!!!

Margie said...

Hi Deb, the shawl looks perfect, and your sock project is fantastic, I have never seen that done before. Looks like Ben and Jim had quality time together, big hugs, love Margie ❤️