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Warm woolies

It's sweater weather.  I am working on three sweaters.  One sample cardigan for the shop, my custom fit cardigan, and  my trapeze pullover.  I think about why I love knitting these sweaters, the patterns are well-written and the shapes are simple and classic.  The yarns for the projects are so beautiful.

In the Pink is a bit longer than the photo shows.  Working to 26.25" in length while increasing takes some time.

I call the trapeze pullover In the Pink because of the color #1029 Hebes.  HiKoo Kenzie is one of my favorite yarns.  It is a blend of 50% New Zealand merino wool, 25% nylon, 10% alpaca, 10% angora, and 5% silk noils.  The knitted fabric has a nice halo and becomes even softer after washing.

Before washing--Yeti mittens

After washing

Nice warm mittens.

A nice surprise was the Plymouth Homestead yarn for a commissioned pair of felted mittens.  It is always funny to see the size of the mittens before felting.  The process took one 16-minute high agitation/high spin cycle on the warm wash/warm rinse cycle and then another 10-minutes on the same cycle setting.  I do not close the lid so the water does not drain and the spin cycle will not engage.  I can check the project during the felting process.  The spin cycle can cause folds in the fabric that are difficult if not downright impossible to remove.  There is a short article about felting and fulling in a 2007 article by Maddy Cranley.  It is a good explanation of fulling, felting, and boiled wool.


Maddy Cranley said...

Those are lovely mitts that you felted.

Felting wool is certainly not an exact science for the home felter but you seem to have found the right settings to achieve great results.

Maddy Cranley

Joanne said...

Love the mittens and the yarn is your sweater sounds wonderful!!