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My current projects have a linear feeling to them, which is probably a good thing as I have been very busy with this, that, and the other lately.  The house is de-Christmasted, and soon I hope to paint Ben's room (and remove the airplane ceiling fan) and move my stuff into it.  My old office/art/fiber room will become a guest room/small den...at least that is the plan!

I am having fun revisiting a favorite pattern while knitting myself (another) hat and samples for an upcoming class.  The pattern is The Gaugeless Hat #106 designed by Deb Gemmell for Cabin Fever.  I made my first one years ago when I worked at AAY, and decided that it would be a perfect class for newer knitters to learn about gauge.  My original hat is made with Lamb's Pride Worsted and Kureyon, the "holiday" version is with Raggi and Ella Rae Classic, and the samples for AT are made with Ella Rae Classic and Plymouth Gina.  The elf (short) version looks cute in the photo on the pattern, but I prefer the stocking (long) version.  Adding the pompom onto the red and green one was just what that hat needed.  I will be sure to take that one to Okpik this year!

It was wonderful to go to the first Spin-In of the year on Saturday.  We had a good group with lots of spinning, chatting, and fun.  I finally bought a support spindle, bowl, and lap bowl.  It is a bit different technique to spinning compared to the drop spindle, but I enjoyed a quick lesson and now have to be sure to practice!  Mary's husband, Rob, does a nice job on the spindles and I like the heavier weight of this spindle.

Jim and Ben got me some colorful gifts for Christmas.  From Jim, a kaleidoscope and from Ben, a Colorku.  It is nice to take a break during a busy day and enjoy some quiet activities--and enjoy the colors!

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