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Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

Trying out the new skis right after Christmas.
It is so good to be on skis again!
For Christmas, Jim got us cross-country skis, boots, and poles. We tried them out right after Christmas and although it is a bit more work to cross-country ski, it is fun!  We have many parks with trails in the area and there will be plenty of opportunities to ski in and around the Twin Cities.

It is always exciting to begin a new year and what better way to begin the year with a fun 5k walk/run?  For the Commitment Day event it was very cold (below 0), but the large crowd was energetic and the atmosphere was fun.  There was lots of encouragement along the way.  I would have more photos, but the cold prevented the camera phones from working properly!  We ran along the river by St. Anthony Falls (where we canoed) and the Stone Arch Bridge (where we have bicycled).  Hopefully we will be doing more of those activities this year.

Commitment Day 5k in Minneapolis.
This was a fun way to begin 2013!
My goal is to keep fit and be happy!
We started at the Metrodome.  Ben and I are
staying warm until we go outside.
It started out sunny and below zero.  I am the short
person in  the brown hat and Ben is behind me.
He ran the whole way.
Jim and I, on the other hand,
wogged (walked a bit, jogged a bit).
At the end we got a bag with a
commitment diary to keep track
of our fitness for the year.

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