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October 2012, up to now the year has shaped up to be full of change and transition.  Mom C., Eevee, and Mom are now gone, Ben graduated, etc...reviewing where I am right now I decided to go back to school (online).  Who would have thought that it was possible to do that!  I prefer the classroom and interaction, but it will be nice during the winter to work from home.  The three years we lived in Texas were profitable and fulfilling for me artistically.  It is time to explore options for this stage of my life.
Enough of that for now.  Time for some autumn photos.
Hosta changing color

Birch tree beauty

Fall fluff
A lot of stockinette and a bit of color

Wingspan progress (Opal Van Gogh's Sunflowers)

Halloween town has reappeared--BOO!

Upcoming events:  We have been in our home since 1999 and every couple of years we make improvements.  This year we will get new flooring on the main floor of the house (it will be nice to update the original floor from 1984), some new furniture (Ben is grown, no pets currently), and with those updates deep cleaning and sorting through things are part of the preparation.  We used to move often, which kept us from being pack-rats.  The past few months, many trips were made to Goodwill.  Also, with Ben looking for post-graduation employment he will be getting some household goods.  This is a good thing!
On the fiber front:  Sample knitting for the shop.  Love cardigan, soft yarn, knitting in the round, however it is all stockinette stitch in brown.  There is light at the end of the 14.5-inches with a lovely yoke of color.  I taught the polymer clay class at Creative Souls on Saturday. We had so much fun.  Despite the drizzly rain there were lots of people in Anoka that day, and we had lots of folks looking in the large windows and coming inside to see what we were making.  I popped in next door at the yarn shop and Kathy was busy, Rachel's knitting class was upstairs, and shoppers were milling about the yarn and products.
On Sunday at church, I spent all three services at the art show.  The chapel was a wonderful space for the small show of three-dimensional mixed media pieces.  We had a wonderful variety--wood turned bowls and pots, wood carving, blown glass, pottery, jewelry, drums, quilting, and my hand-spun, felting, and knitting.  The show was a success and our committee agreed that our second show (last year was painting) will lead to an annual fall art show.

Autumn show in the chapel (my fiber pieces are on the left)

17.10.12  Yesterday was a gorgeous day.  Ben and I took a walk around the neighborhood and lots of campaign signs were out and surprisingly there is still quite a bit of color left on the trees.  Today that is supposed to change and I can see from our maple trees in the back yard that when the wind dies down we will again be outside raking!

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Kathy said...

Nice pics!
Back to school, huh? What are you going to study? You'll be a virtual co-ed.