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It has been a productive long weekend!  Once the monkey was finished and in his new habitat, I got busy with other projects.  The fish hat is always a fun project and the hand dyed wool I did a while back worked well.  The colors are lovely for the main color.  Next was the cup cozy.  Now I can finish the beret I started.  It should be a quick finish, as it is made with chunky wool from Kathy's sheep.

Dead fish hat 

I love how the hand dyed wool looks with the solid stripes
Monkey cozy
Naner got into the coffee candy at spinning on Saturday and...
...got into my basket, found my new spindle, and
proceeded to teach himself how to spin.  He was
very dizzy and tired when I left.
Blue cotton on the left, blue plied with brown Fox Fibre
and my brown single.
I managed to spin and ply the blue cotton roving into yarn in August and then started the  Fox Fibre roving on Saturday.  Little Hortense is a great little wheel for cotton because she spins like a top, as does Naner!


Jennifer said...

Woohoo - what a great weekend of projects. Love the animal theme you've got going on.

Anonymous said...
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Joanne said...

I love your projects! All are wonderful. Naner is adorable, but I think you will have to keep an eye on him. He seems mischevious! :) Love your cotton spinning too.