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The guys got back from Philmont this week and I got quite a bit done in the house.  The basement looks good and Jim's office /man cave turned out great.  He was surprised and very happy!  Ben had to leave for camp and we didn't get to visit for long.  I hope he is able to come home between sessions.
I'm on the first sleeve of the cotton sweater.  I've dipped into the frog pond twice with the sleeve.  Cotton tends to droop, so I decided to decrease every 5th row instead of every 6th row.  THEN I noticed I forgot a decrease at the start and then frogged again.  The last three decreases I've added a row to taper to the cuff for a better fit.  I found the buttons a couple of weeks ago, and I think they will look nice. 
While I'm finishing up the sweater, I'm also doing a bit of spindling.  Last year I bought this lovely roving--a blend of Coopworth, mohair, and silk.  It's soft and easy to spindle.  I have about a half pound, so I may do something winter-y with it!
We had to get groceries yesterday and the bouquets of sunflowers are out.  Such a cheery sight in August.

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Joanne said...

Oooo, your buttons look wonderful. I agree about the cotton being droopy, that is a good idea to change the decreases. What pretty fiber to spindle, you go girl!