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Holiday is over and I hit the ground running, or sliding.  It's 3-degrees F and snowy this morning.  Winter showed up!  Grey Wolf development has started and for the next five months, we will be developing the team for our week in June.

I'm making progress on Ben's sweater, the fronts are looking good.  The two pounds of Jacob wool are almost finished.  I began the natural black the other day and even found a bit more of the gray to spin.  The Icelandic birch spindle is one of my favorite tools.

The fronts of the cotton top are coming along a bit slower.  I took out two of the contrast yarn stripes and will continue to use the dark brown between the contrasting stripes.  The texture in addition to the color gives the fabric a more cohesive look.

The textured brown cotton is the star of this project.  

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