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Sweater weather is here!

It is that time of year again, which makes me happy.  The woollies are coming out of the cedar chest and placed within easy reach.  Since the last post I've been working on Plans B, C, and D for the twill fabric because the width is just shy of what I need for a skirt.

The two pieces of fabric came off the Cricket loom and can be used together for a top or separate for scarves.  The jury's still out on that.  Yesterday, the fabric for the sides of the cotton top came off the Cricket and I am very happy with the result.  The loom was warped with 158-inches of hemp, cotton, and cotton/linen and the weft  was a textured cotton throughout.  All the yarns were from my stash and originally intended for sweaters.  Combining the everything into one project is a great way to use up that yarn and the colors worked well together.  There are a couple of pretty cotton skeins that I will use as part of the weft for the center and back panels.  The Pontunic is from Weave Knit Wear, by Judith Shangold.

For the warp, the thinnest yarn is hemp, textured white and the blue are cotton, and the green is cotton/linen.  The weft is a textured brown cotton.  I love the color and texture of everything together.  Everything will soften up nicely with washing.  

There are two knitting projects in the works (amongst other WIPs and UFOs) for holiday knitting.  One is a sweater for Ben, a classic Mary Maxim cardigan with a moose on it.  Classic Alafoss Lopi is my yarn of choice and it will be nice and warm.  A friend and I took a drive to Depth of Field in Minneapolis to find the yarn, as it isn't easy to find in most of this area's yarn shops.  Woolly wool is considered scratchy or "old" these days.  Yes, I had a local yarn shop clerk use physical quotation marks while saying old when she referred to the yarn about which I'd inquired.  'Tis a shame some folks this that about some wools.  I love Icelandic wool for its warm loftiness.  The more I wash my garments made with it, the better they look and feel.  Washing makes the yarn bloom and spaces are filled in with fibers creating a woolly halo on the fabric's surface.  The warmth of the knitted fabric is warm without heaviness and often I wear a sweater instead of a jacket for that reason.

14.12.2016 Oh my, time certainly has flown by!  I had a commissioned project to knit and it set my other projects on hold for a bit.  I'm back to working on two gifts for Jim and Ben's sweater.

In the meantime...the article in Spin-Off, Winter 2017 issue came in the mail and we were very happy to see ourselves in the magazine on pages 90 and 91!

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