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Last evening was the last of the four-session learn to drop spindle class at Amazing Threads.  It is always fun to teach others the technique of spinning, whether with a spindle or wheel.  Observing how each student takes what they learned over the course and develop their own skills never gets old!  I was playing with the Blue Sky Alpacas Handspin, an alpaca/wool blend roving I received from them earlier this year.  It is a beautiful natural white and the perfect canvas for a bit of creativity.  A few years ago Joanne and I made art batts, which I wrote about in the Gone Batty post. I had some recycled sari silk, dyed fleece and a bit of natural gray Jacob wool to add to a batt I made a few months ago.  The wool/alpaca blend is beautifully soft and will work well with the add-ins.
Making a  sample art batt:
Bottom to top:  wool/alpaca, sari silk, dyed fleece, Jacob wool and the original batt
Sending the batt through a couple of times distributes the add-in fibers evenly.
I love how the silk colors pop through.

Flipping the fiber as I feed it through the carder helps with the blending process.

Using the small hand card held lightly packs the fiber

Pulling the batt off the carder--the reveal!

Pretty batt

A 25-gram batt ready to spin
Now the fun begins, spin the batt and then to extend the yardage I can ply it with thread, yarn, or spin another single of something else?  Endless possibilities!

Putting the Moosie to work

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Joanne said...

What a great idea to blend the batt with some more "stuff." I love it.