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Caught up!

I finally finished Greta!  The cardigan came out very nicely and it is now hanging at the shop by the Rowan yarns.  I picked out some small buttons and sewed them on before class last night.

Greta on display.
Yoke detail
The other project is the Beaded Beret.  I used a skein of Richard Devries yarn in the colorway Twyla Brae.  The clear beads look like raindrops.  I like the pattern so much I think it needs to be a class!
I love this hat!
This is a perfect first beaded project.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is celebrating 100 years this year.  Three masterpieces will be on display throughout the year.  The first is Vermeer's Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, which I saw many years ago in  Amsterdam.

I took this while sitting at the cafe way across the room.  


Barbara said...

Hi Deb!! This is Barb B. ~ I always said I would send you a message, so I found your blog (which I LOVE) and thought I would leave a comment so you would know I was here :-) I love seeing all your great projects, finished/in progress. Sounds like all is well with you - miss you!! I haven't been knitting (sad) for a long while and seeing your pics it has put me in a mood!! I will have to go into my unfinished project stash and get busy!! Have a great day :-)

Deborah said...

Hi Barb! Good to hear from you. Glad you're re-inspired to knit. Thank you for the nice comments. Happy knitting!

Joanne said...

Beautiful sweater and hat! The beads are a wonderful addition to a hat.